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Our Business Overview

BloomsFord Associates Limited is a full – service Human Resources agency, specializing in providing outsourced HR solutions to growing companies, as a Professional Recruitment Consultancy and Staffing Services Firm. Our business Talent and everything that revolves around Talent. Our goal is to re-define the Nigerian recruitment industry

At BloomsFord Associates Limited we believe that people are the best Asset in any company, regardless of the business size, Industry and marketshare. We provide the best professionals, Backed with solid years of expertise of top professionals, experience and knowledge, who can integrate solutions for your business needs.BloomsFord Associates Limited is experiencd in developing, applying, and Evaluating of HR policies and procedures for our clients. These Services include maintaining accurate Policy manuals, reviewing Policy and Procedure periodically, and updating documentation as needed. We offer Employee review Services that Captured the quantitative and qualitative data relevant to each employee, and present that data in a format that makes it easy to understand overall trends and themes within the workforce. Locating qualified candidates to fill internal candidates experience to ensure that your internal team remains staffed with qualified individuas who possess the qualifications and traits that fit your needs.


Our Approach

At Bloomsford Associates, we believe that a deep understanding our client’s requirement is the beginning of our success in delivering any project. As a result our project approach is as follows: Initial Request from Client- This is either by phone, email, web chat or setting up a meeting via our contact form. Bloomsford Associates will respond and fix a meeting time. Our services cover various sectors: Financial Services, Telecommunications, Power, FMCG, Hospitality and Retail, Professional Services and Construction. Each practice is supported by a cloud-based applicant tracking system (ATS) enabling consultants, wherever they are in the world, to access the same information. This way, our efficiency as a business is unparalleled. Also our approach of developing strong relationships with top professionals, each practice area is able to specialise in identifying and supplying high quality, hard-to-find, local and international candidates to our clients.

We give our clients Cost Effective recruitment service that is not matched anywhere else in Nigeria. We diagnose your recruitment needs and make detailed recommendations.  We work with your company to design and implement a recruitment and talent acquisition strategy that works for your organization We help your organization get ahead in the ‘war for talent’ Not only will Bloomsford Associates help you significantly reduce your cost-per-hire and consistently deliver excellent candidates for your Vacancies, – we are regularly told that our outstanding levels of client service is what makes us stand out in a highly competitive market. We act as a trusted recruitment partner to large and small businesses across Nigeria, more often than not becoming permanent extensions to their HR and Recruitment teams.

If your company isn’t satisfied with its current human capital management, Our Professional HR consultants will create improved employee efficiency plans. Our HR team does this by creating company-specific plans and models. Therefore, our human resources team will explore and pinpoint weaknesses your firm might have in its human capital. Afterward, they develop and offer solutions that benefit the client.


BloomsFord Associates Limited Human Resources team will work with your organisation executives and managers to constantly track, evaluate, and improve Employee performance. We will provide HR support should any issues arise, and work with managers to develop Performance improvement plans when necessary. We assured you that we can provide the best match for your staffing requirements At Bloomsford Associates our business model is talent and everything that revolves around talent. We ensure that our clients do not have to worry about hiring offshore or locally. Enhance candidate selection process by incorporating a candidate assessment. Our candidate assessment solution will help identify the best fit, develop and retain top talent. We are always keen to talk to forward thinking companies who want us to add value to their Talent. The nature of our business model is to deliver a transparent service – one that allows organizations to build relationships sooner with a candidate. As well as maintain and develop relationships with you, the candidate is still our top priority.

Hiring a business consultant can provide many benefits to a company. Some of the most important include taking advantage of an outside perspective, utilizing insight and expertise picked up from other clients and industries, receiving help creating plans as well as the resources to make them happen, and more. Below are some specific examples for a greater understanding.

As HR consultants, we offer a wide range of services, including professional consulting, education, training, and human resource solutions for corporate and small business clients. Our role involves diverse tasks like business research, analysis, planning, and management counselling. Our main aim as a HR consultants is to advise clients on building more robust and well-suited business and human resource policies.


Our Client Sector

Finance sector

Finacial Sector

Our niche market knowledge coupled with our global reach means we have the know-how to source top talent for any organisation. We work with financial institutions of all kinds, with a focus on recruiting to talent skill.



Bloomsford Associates, one of the best FMCG recruitment consultants, is adept at bringing the talent pool of the country together to help employers find ideal candidates who can help their organizations grow.



Our expert recruitment head-hunters are well-entrenched across the Hospitality industry, enabling consultants to provide both our clients and candidates with a wealth of experience, intimate industry knowledge and the networks required for placing high-profile talent into key positions.

oil and gas

Oil & Gas

Our specialist consultants are skilled in the provision of both contract and permanent staffing for oil and gas industries, including managed services solutions. We deliver a flexible and tailored workforce solution for optimum results both for onshore and offshore staff.



Our construction clients include main contractors, specialist sub-contractors, public sector bodies, and design consultancies in sectors such as residential building, civil engineering, housing, water, and rail. With such a wide range of clientele, we understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to construction recruitment.



we pride ourselves to be the best recruitment consultant for professionals. Our Expert team are constantly building relationships with clients and candidates to ensure the right skills match every time.

Our client hire us to provides professional or expert advice in HR Management and business advisory. Bloomsford Professional Teams provides expertise that a client lacks and support our client by providing competent manpower need of the organisation, We consultant charges a fee for our Professional services and we operates in a professional manner to ensuring high quality service delivery and a solid internal operation.

We help our client to Identify obstacles that are preventing growth or efficiency. Determine what changes need to be made and help implement change. Provide any necessary training and resources to staff and management. Bring out-of-the-box ideas to refresh a business. Assist in business planning and creating new businesses. Assess, hire, and fire staff, if necessary. Implement new programs. Analyze a company’s budget, suggest adjustments, and help put those adjustments in place. Locate providers and partners to help meet goals

Client Companies

We are one of the well known HR consulting services across the country. We recruit and manage staffing services to different sectors 

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