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In Bloomsford Associates we are Human resources (HR) analytical expertise that optimize key business processes. With an in-depth understanding of HR analytics, our Analytical teams are able to provide insight and solutions that may not be apparent to those within the organization. Businesses will typically work with us to collect and analyze data to improve productivity and reduce expenses. Bloomsford Associates combine business data with people data in order to identify inefficiencies, predict productivity, and optimize workforce organization.

We provide companies with the insights necessary to manage their human capital and improve their return on investment. We also inform management how policy and structural changes will impact morale and performance. Generally, in our HR analytics service, we  work directly with the chief human resources officer or HR department, or personnel.

Working with our clients we ensure we;

  1. Create and implement a process for HR operational analytics and reporting
  2. Work closely with the HR department or personnel to understand the needs of the business and create new opportunities to maximize the value from analytics and reporting.
  3. Lead the implementation of data analyses, reporting, dashboards creation
  4. Use analytical findings to produce actionable recommendations and optimize key business processes

In the age of data, We advise our clients to use people data as a bedrock to recommed HR Strategy. Therefore Bloomsford Associates HR Data Analytics services includes (but not limited to):

  • Understanding role of data in form of data sources integrations, storage and transformation for HR analytics and HR Metrics 
  • Understanding and implementing HCM and HRIS systems
  • People Analytics & workforce insight from descriptive, prescriptive and predictive perspectives.
  • Organizational Chart (Organogram)

Moreover, We can help organizations in building metric based on its HR policies on following areas:

  1. Workforce Demographics and Position Management
  2. Revenue per employee, HC-ROI, Human Economic Value Added, Profit per Employee, Productivity
  3. Employee Attrition/Turnover, Retention and Hiring, Cost of turnover, Cost of leaving, Employee Retention Rate
  4. Time to Hire, Time to Fill, Sourcing Channel Effectiveness, Sourcing Channel Cost, Cost of Filling, OPL, Hiring manager Satisfaction, Offer Acceptance rate, Application per opening, Recruitment Funnel
  5. Training Expense per employee, Training Effectiveness,Performance Scores, Bell Curve
  6. Compa Ratios, Cost of Rewards and Benefits

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