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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We offer Recruitment Process Outsourcing as one of our hiring activities. This involves a contractual relationship with our client as an external provider to handle the management of our client recruitment on their behalf. The Bloomsford Associates offers bespoke RPO programs which are entirely customizable depending on your organizational setup and needs.

We specialized in Managed Staffing Service (MSS) to procure workers. We are experts in the processes of interviewing and onboarding new workers to best fulfill the needs of our clients. Bloomford Associates play a wide range of roles for our clients manpower supply. Procurement of employees is one of our main services, As a Human resources services professional we know the incredibly important to the experience of these employees once they are placed in a position. 

Training is not a core competency for most organizations – yet it is critical to your business. Therefore, you not only need a partner who can add incremental value to your L&D organization, but you also need to clearly determine all L&D outsourcing opportunities. 


Once you have made the business case for L&D outsourcing, it is important to consider what processes you can completely outsource,

In the age of data, We advise our clients to use people data as a bedrock to recommed HR Strategy. We can help organizations in building metric based on its HR policies on following areas: Workforce Demographic and Position Management, Revenue per employee, HC-ROI Human Economic Value Added, Profit per Employee Productivity 

Many companies rely on generic templates to create their employee handbook, but this will not always deliver the best result for your company. 

We create customized employee handbooks so you can be sure that they comply with your company policies and meet your expectations. Implementation of human resource policies are there to protect employees from a whatever goes type of environment that can be detrimental to productivity and promote favoritism and unfair treatment. It is critically important to correctly implement these HR policies fairly and consistently throughout your organization.  Failure to do so can result in a waste of financial resources, frustration and disruption to the workplace.

Business Advisory Services

We are a leading Business Development Services provider in Nigeria. Our business advisory services are tailored towards guiding our clients to achieve sustainable success.

We help business owners address the unique challenges facing them and take advantage of new growth opportunities to accomplish their short and long-term goals. 

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Corporate restructuring plays a role in the life of many companies. Restructuring is usually done with an eye toward maximizing companies’ strengths by reducing costs, eliminating inefficiency, and increasing profits.

 In general, companies may pursue corporate restructuring strategies in response to falling profits, general market or economic forces and trends, changes in ownership, changes in corporate strategy, or to increase cash flow

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