Employee Policy Design

Employee handbooks are an important part of creating a strong and consistent workforce. They set out expectations and obligations to all employees and help avoid complications that could arise in the future.

Many companies rely on generic templates to create their employee handbook, but this will not always deliver the best result for your company. We create customised employee handbooks so you can be sure that they comply with your company policies and meet your expectations. Implementation of human resource policies are there to protect employees from a whatever goes type of environment that can be detrimental to productivity and promote favouritism and unfair treatment. It is critically important to correctly implement these HR policies fairly and consistently throughout your organisation.  Failure to do so can result in a waste of financial resources, frustration and disruption to the workplace. 

At the highest level of business, efficient operating models are the cornerstone of a successful execution of strategy. This translates strategic intent into a blueprint for how the organisation will deliver value. Passion HR policy and design implementation can help your business deliver design principles for how the organisation should operate, defining decision making processes, and how to measure decision making velocity and what behavioural adjustments drive performance. The process is simple, our team of highly trained consultants will work closely with the leadership to clarify and define their strategy, then the results can cascade into an operating model, organisational structure, and processes.

Our Employee Policy Implementations Design ;

  • Employee Handbook Policy & Implementation
  • Recruitment & Appointment Policy
  • Onboarding & Orientation Plans
  • Training and Development Policies
  • Accommodation and Growth Policies
  • Resignation and Termination Policies
  • Employee Discipline Policies and ProceduresGrievance /Complaint Policies
  • Employee Health and Safety Policies
  • Employee Rights and Responsibilities.
  • Employee Leave and Time off Policies

is essential to any business to ensure consistency, clear communications, and protect your business to ensure compliance within your organization. Keeps your company safe – it can avoid lawsuits made by employees—this aids in ensuring that the company keeps on operating smoothly without any interruptions. Employee handbook is a convenient aid that helps the communication between employers and employees. Companies can encompass all of their policies in a great format that makes it easy to understand and makes communication easy between employers and employees. also helps employees treat their employees the right way. Here the manuals define and codify the employer’s standards, and through the rules, the employers can treat their employees consistently fair.

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