Recruitment Processing Outsourcing (RPO)

We offer Recruitment Process Outsourcing as one of our hiring activities. This involves a contractual relationship with our client as an external provider to handle the management of our client recruitment on their behalf. The Bloomsford Associates offers bespoke RPO programs which are entirely customizable depending on your organizational setup and needs. Read More

We focus on defining processes and offering unrivaled industry insights to ensure superior access to high-quality talent whilst reducing cost-per-hire, time-to-hire, and therefore improving your return on investment. It is indisputable that having a more regulated and well-governed recruitment process will dramatically increase overall productivity, and it will also improve the perception of your company’s business strategies from prospective employees. To improve internal employee selection processes, many organizations now routinely outsource the recruitment of persons with the required skill-sets to expert recruiters. Outsourcing the employee selection process has been shown to streamline the company’s current recruitment systems, as well as to expedite access to talent. Known as recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), this greatly improves the infrastructure of staffing and enhances overall output in terms of services rendered while optimizing customer satisfaction.

Benefit of using RPO for your recruitment need

Recruitment outsourcing services as an industry evolved from traditional methods of hiring and a need to ensure access to talent in a sustainable and well-governed manner. We offer this type of recruitment assistance which has a number of advantages over regular hiring techniques as it incorporates the use of available talent databases and innovations to select the most suitable candidates based on the varying preferences and needs of employers.


End-to-end full-service RPO

Our full-service RPO is an ongoing solution that will cover all facets of your recruitment process. We handle your sourcing, screening, scheduling interviews, preparing and presenting offers, employer branding, talent marketing, and managing onboarding activities. 

Bloomsford Associates end-to-end RPO service is usually the most cost-effective and it will provide the best results, but this is also the most challenging model to implement for many organisation while we make it easier for your organisation

Project-Based RPO

A project-based RPO is an end-to-end approach but only applied to a specific hiring project, such as opening a new branch of an office, a product launch, or creating a new team. This is an excellent solution if you need an end-to-end approach for a limited time, but you still want to retain internal processes and capacities to recruit people. 

Also, it’s a good idea to try a project-based RPO as a test to see how the company will integrate with an external service provider and what the results of the process will be. The benefits of this type of RPO are significant since you get a highly experienced team that will handle the recruitment for the project, and your internal HR team can learn a lot from them. 

Selective/ Hybrid RPO

Whether long term or short term, a hybrid recruitment partnership blends the best of your team with ours to create a powerful recruiting engine to drive your organization. Our hybrid solution gives you peace of mind knowing you have an expert in your corner for whatever comes your way. We don’t just help you work through the unexpected, we were built for it.

A selective RPO is usually used when a company has problems only with a certain aspect of recruitment, such as sourcing or screening candidates. In this case, we will come in  to deal with the element of the recruitment process that’s causing problems to the internal team. 

Here, you receive RPO services only for specific HR recruitment processes. 

Recruitment on demand (ROD)

On-demand recruitment means having a contract with an RPO provider who knows the company’s messaging, processes, and the results that the company needs. In this model, we help solve recruitment problems when it comes to spikes in hiring or to new business initiatives. ROD does not result in a transformation of the hiring process as other types of RPOs do. 

We will work with your team and help out with the recruitment process for a specific and agreed-upon time (usually for a project or a new initiative). The recruiters bring in their experience and expertise, which helps create a positive candidate experience and fulfil your company’s business needs.

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