Managed Staffing Services

Managed Staffing Services

We specialized in Managed Staffing Service (MSS) to procure workers. We are experts in the processes of interviewing and onboarding new workers to best fulfill the needs of our clients. Bloomsford Associates play a wide range of roles for our clients manpower supply. Procurement of employees is one of our main services, As a Human resources services professional we know the incredibly important to the experience of these employees once they are placed in a position.


Our human resources service section of managed staffing for our clients, includes conflict resolution, performance reviews, and much more. Cost and risk are the two main factors that need attention when managing staff for our client. Contingent workers need to be vetted to make the risk of hiring them as low as possible. And the processes by which these hires take place need to be streamlined in order to minimize cost. Any hiring program that lacks oversight, thorough procedures, and minimal cost are liable to benefit from.


The first we to our client provide is greater access to talented prospects for employment. We have a long list of workers we have used on other projects or previously vetted and are confident in their reliability and capabilities. Immediate access to quality workers is a great asset to our client.

One of the most visible advantages our client sees from working with a us is that we simply makes the process easier. They are not tasked with overseeing these staffing issues or keeping track of what their staffing agency is doing. We have a dedicated team which they can hand the tasks off to and be confident they will be completed.

These metrics and reports will show the company that the money they spend on labor through an our staff managed services is generally much lower than they would spend with a full-time employee. The services of these employees are often not needed on a long-term basis so it helps the company to be able to fulfill the role with a talented worker throughout the period they are needed.


We works in conjunction with their client as part of their contingent workforce program. We generally be responsible for aspects of temporary staffing, freelance workers, independent contractors, and payroll employees. Our client will generally have a contingent workforce team and we will work along with them.

Our generally interact with our clients as a team. A project manager oversees a group of specialists assigned to particular task

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