Our Company Overview

BloomsFord Associates Limited is a full - service Human Resources agency, specializing in providing outsourced HR solutions to growing companies, as a Professional Recruitment Consultancy and Staffing Services Firm. Our business Talent and everything that revolves around Talent. Our goal is to re-define the Nigerian recruitment industry
At BloomsFord Associates Limited we believe that people are the best Asset in any company, regardless of the business size, Industry and marketshare. We provide the best professionals,
Backed with solid years of expertise of top professionals, experience and knowledge, who can integrate solutions for your business needs. BloomsFord Associates Limited is experiencd in developing, applying, and Evaluating of HR policies and procedures for our clients. These Services include maintaining accurate Policy manuals, reviewing Policy and Procedure periodically, and updating documentation as needed. We offer Employee review Services that
Captured the quantitative and qualitative data relevant to each employee, and present that data in a format that makes it easy to understand overall trends and themes within the workforce. Locating qualified candidates to fill internal candidates experience to ensure that your internal team remains staffed with qualified individuas who possess the qualifications and traits that fit your needs.
BloomsFord Associates Limited Human Resources team will work with your organisation executives and managers to constantly track, evaluate, and improve Employee performance.
We will provide HR support should any issues arise, and work with managers to develop Performance improvement plans when necessary.
We assured you that we can provide the best match for your staffing requirements
At Bloomsford Associates our business model is talent and everything that revolves around talent. We ensure that our clients do not have to worry about hiring offshore or locally.
Enhance candidate selection process by incorporating a candidate assessment. Our candidate assessments solution will help identify the best fit, develop and retain top talent.
We are always keen to talk to forward thinking companies who want us to add value to their Talent
The nature of our business model is to deliver a transparent service – one that allows organizations to build relationships sooner with a candidate. As well as maintain and develop relationships with you, the candidate is still our top priority.

What we Offer:

- We give our clients Cost Effective recruitment service that is not matched anywhere else in Nigeria.
- We diagnose your recruitment needs and make detailed recommendations.
- We work with your company to design and implement a recruitment and talent acquisition strategy that works for your organization
- We help your organization get ahead in the ‘war for talent’

So what makes us different?

Not only will Bloomsford Associates help you significantly reduce your cost-per-hire and consistently deliver excellent candidates for your Vacancies, – we are regularly told that our outstanding levels of client service is what makes us stand out in a highly competitive market.
We act as a trusted recruitment partner to large and small businesses across Nigeria, more often than not becoming permanent extensions to their HR and Recruitment teams.


Bloomsford Associates has deep knowledge of Human resources and recruitment. Our business is in Talent acquisition, recruitment, outsourcing and everything that revolves around Talent. From acquisition to testing return on investment (ROI) on talent and everything in between. Our goal is to re-define the Nigerian recruitment industry.
Bloomsford Associates has evolved to become a strong recruitment consulting and professional staffing brand in Nigeria. We have successfully expanded our operations to different practice areas.
These practices cover various sectors: Financial Services, Telecommunications, Power, FMCG, Hospitality and Retail, Professional Services and Construction.
Each practice is supported by a cloud-based applicant tracking system (ATS) enabling consultants, wherever they are in the world, to access the same information. This way, our efficiency as a business is unparalleled. Also our approach of developing strong relationships with top professionals, each practice area is able to specialise in identifying and supplying high quality, hard-to-find, local and international candidates to our clients.


At Bloomsford Associates, we believe that a deep understanding our client’s requirement is the beginning of our success in delivering any project. As a result our project approach is as follows:
Initial Request from Client- This is either by phone, email, web chat or setting up a meeting via our contact form. Bloomsford Associates will respond and fix a meeting time.
- Discuss Client’s Situation – During our initial meeting/phone call/web chat with our client; we ensure we capture the background situation to the client’s request/problem
- Identify Problem – Bloomsford Associates Limited will ensure that the client’s problem is identified and analysed. We then ask more questions about the problem.
- Find out Impact on business – We also endeavor to find out what impact the client’s problem has on the business/ organisation/company, this usually ‘paints’ a full picture of the enormity of the clients problem.
- Agree Client’s Needs – After our analysis, we then agree the client’s needs, and recommend the most appropriate solution e.g candidate or recruitment strategy or sourcing strategy e.t.c
- DeliverResults – Bloomsford Associates is proud to say that because we always deliver, we always end up becoming an extension of the client’s HR/Recruitment department.


Delivering a great service to candidates is what drives us. Our dedicated Candidate Services team are on hand if you have a web or phone-based query, and our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) allows you to manage your applications effectively.
If you have a query about a role or want to find out more about how we work, feel free to contact us.

Why use us:

With our simple job search, you can quickly find the right job for you
In the last few years, we have helped hundreds of candidates to find their perfect job
We provide professional advice that can help your career planning
Our applicant tracking system means you’ll be able to manage all your applications efficiently
Bloomsford Associates is like no other recruitment consulting firm. We are very results driven, we believe in demonstrating value first to our clients. We are not about pretty reports, exorbitant and upfront fees that give the industry a bad name. We tie our fees to the candidates’ resumption date. In fact almost all our revenue is success based.
At Bloomsford Associates, we believe the client and candidate is key to our growth and success. Thus we have taken steps to make this Triumvirate relationship work effectively. This is how we do it:
We Listen: to our clients’ requirements and challenges they currently face. With our substantial experience in all our specialist areas we can deliver accurate and high quality service to our client.
We Understand: We strive to understand our clients’ recruitment challenges and priorities as well as our candidates’ career goals.
We Deliver: through a range of search methodologies deployed across our specialist areas. With substantial investment in technology and effective research tools we can deliver high quality shortlist in a short time. We constantly talk to both active and passive candidates. Hence we have a huge diverse pool of quality candidates.


Though most organisations may generally prefer to hire on a permanent basis, we also have dedicated contract / interim recruitment specialist who can provide our clients with access to our candidates who have indicated interest in short term or interim assignments. We understand that our clients may need staff for specific projects within a specific period.
We have a team of consultants who manage all contract or interim staff. The team ensures all pre-employment screening, issuing contracts and handling post placement queries are handled effectively. This ensures a positive and seamless interim assignment for both client and candidate


At Bloomsford Associates our business model is talent and everything that revolves around talent. We ensure that our clients do not have to worry about hiring offshore or locally. Our international recruitment service simplifies the sourcing and deployment of experts, wherever in Nigeria.
Our international recruitment team is on hand to manage all aspects of your pre-recruitment, recruitment and post-recruitment activity and is available so that your people can get the support they need.
This service guarantees your organisation remains compliant and considerably reduces risk, thus leaving your people to get on with what you’ve recruited them for.
- Pre-Recruitment Services
- Background Checks
- Medical Insurance (HMO)
- Visa and Immigration Services
- Employment Compliance
- Work Permits
- Travel Services
- Post-Recruitment Services
- Tax Contribution
- PAYE Tax Compliance
- Outsourced Payroll
- Tax Remittance
- Managed Services
- Statutory Deductions and Remittance
- Advisory


Enhance candidate selection process by incorporating a candidate assessment. Our candidate assessments solution will help identify the best fit, develop and retain top talent.
It may appear that selecting talent would be easy; however, hiring managers and HR departments have their work cut out for them with a lot of résumés to go through. Assessment and Tests, when used as part of the hiring process, provide our clients with an effective way of sifting through applications and deciding which candidates are the most qualified for a specific job.
Our focus is to deliver an end to end service for our clients in managing their candidate application right through to selection, hire and onboarding. Our candidate assessment service includes:
- Response Management
- Candidate Testing (both technical and psychometric)
- Assessment Centre
- Shortlisting
- Candidate feedback management
- Interview arrangement and management
Our candidate assessment service has the capacity to manage process over 10000 applicants per client. This service is for clients who see value in managing high volume recruitment campaign while aiming to hire the best talent.


We are one of Nigeria’s leading provider of business process outsourcing and integrated professional support service solutions. Our commitment is to provide a complete integrated HR solution to our clients across a variety of sectors. Our goal is to help maximize the productivity of our clients’ human resources. We create exceptional, cost effective solutions that meet the individual needs of our clients. Our consulting service include:
- Managed Payroll
- RecruitmentProcess Outsourcing (full life cycle)
- Managed Staffing
- HR Technology deployment and management
- Recruitment Benchmarking
- Industry Research
- Talent Strategy Intelligence
- Best Practice discovery
- Recruitment Strategy Design and Implementation
- Training Outsourcing.
- Business advisory services.
- Cleaning Outsourcing services.
- Payroll Outsourcing services.
- Entrepreneurship development. Etc


Top management often ponders on what to do with certain Non-Core functions as organisations strive to become leaner and more competitive. Have you considered staffing?

Bloomsford Associates agree that this is a strategic decision and the motivations for Staffing Services or outsourcing should be considered carefully. Research shows that organizations are compelled to become more strategic with fewer resources, a trend that has been shown to exist internationally.
Organisations today demands agility and flexibility. Our flexible partnership model allows us to be responsive to our clients’ needs, helping support short-term or seasonal contract requirements, providing project-based temp-to-perm talents with the option to hire the staff as permanent employees, or helping to find the permanent talent for our clients.


Bloomsford Associates want to improve our clients’ in-house recruitment processes. Our goal is to help our clients to solve their recruitment challenges. With our Recruitment Strategy Design service we diagnose your current recruitment strategy, how you attract talent, your current assessment and selection techniques, how your offer stage currently works and as far as your induction, on-boarding and retention strategy. We then provide a comprehensive report analyzing every area of your company’s recruitment function, you company’s recruitment practice will be benchmarked with recruitment best practices, the report will provide recommendations and strategic action plan which will include:
- Workforce planning
- Recruitment policy, planning and tools
- Sourcing methodologies
- Assessment and selection best practice
- Recruiter efficiency (using Recruiting Cost Ratio and other tools)
- Hiring leader capability
- Candidate experience
- Candidate on-boarding