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Who We Are

Our focus is on creating and managing change in organizations by formulating and implementing customer focused strategies. This assists in aligning their management systems to support service delivery and developing the competence and capabilities of their people to deliver on their promises.

Our delivery skills reflect our highly competitive recruitment of bright, vibrant and experienced consultants whose competence we continuously enhance through intensive training in the use of our proprietary management tools and techniques.

Working at BloomsFord Associates Limited:

We offer our expertise through cross-functional teams of Consultants. We devise customer-focused strategies, design efficient management systems, and develop the competence and capabilities of employees. We engage consultants who understand the components of formulating workable strategies, are capable of designing functional and sound systems, and are experts in the realm of human capital development – in all its ramifications. We work in all the major sectors of any developing economy and have consultants who also have sector experience which include but are not limited to aviation, oil and gas, financial services, telecommunications, media, health, maritime, manufacturing and various arms and levels of government.

BAL People:
• With staff strength of nearly 100 professionals excluding our qualified external associates, outsourced staff and support staff, we have been serving clients across the globe through our offices in Lagos and Port Harcourt. Right from the get – go our people are not recruited based on the knowledge they already exhibit, but for their unique character and potential. The BAL person is hospitable, and conforms to integrity and cooperation within their life style both in and out of the office. Each person is exceptional and offers a valuable piece that comfortably fits into our BAL style. The BAL environment ropes its people to look after one another.
• We also encourage our people to be involved in productive activities. These activities include hobbies which can be the collection of themed items and objects, engaging in creative and artistic pursuits, tinkering playing sports, along with many more examples. By continually participating in a particular hobby, one can acquire substantial skill and knowledge in that area. These activities produce well rounded people that display special characteristics in offering different angles to scenarios. The BAL person continuously gains confidence and has the responsibility of wearing the BAL cap that leads our brand with great service.

Why BloomsFord Associates Limited?
How can I Join?

If you are looking to build your career with us in any of our practice areas, you can begin your journey at any stage. Explore our Graduate Opportunities and Experienced Opportunities, we are sure you will find somewhere to fit in.
SHORTLIST Nigeria is a self-service database that gives companies instant contact to a pool of skilled candidates. Jobseekers set up a profile much like a CV, which is immediately accessible by a network of potential employers with job opportunities.
We’re offering professionals a platform to promote themselves
• Any candidate can join our platform, create a free online CV and be considered by BloomsFord Associates for ongoing client vacancies
• Candidates can upgrade to a paid membership, joining a talent pool where they can be found by a large network of employers with job opportunities
• Any company can access our database of professionals. Meaning we attract more openings and employers.

At Bloomsford Associates our business model is talent and everything that revolves around talent. We ensure that our clients do not have to worry about hiring offshore or locally.
Bloomsford Associates is like no other recruitment consulting firm. We are very results driven, we believe in demonstrating value first to our clients. We are not about pretty reports, exorbitant and upfront fees that give the industry a bad name. We tie our fees to the candidates’ resumption date. In fact almost all our revenue is success based.
At Bloomsford Associates, we believe the client and candidate is key to our growth and success. Thus we have taken steps to make this Triumvirate relationship work effectively. This is how we do it:
We Listen: to our clients’ requirements and challenges they currently face.

Enhance candidate selection process by incorporating a candidate assessment. Our candidate assessments solution will help identify the best fit, develop and retain top talent.
Our clients look out for value in their HR and Recruitment process. They want a cost effective solution that is delivered fast, effectively and efficiently. Our Recruitment model makes it easy for our clients to project their recruitment costs and plan an effective recruitment campaign.
We act as a trusted Recruitment partner to large and small businesses across Nigeria, more often than not becoming permanent extensions to their HR and Recruitment teams.
At Bloomsford Associates, we believe that a deep understanding our client’s requirement is the beginning of our success in delivering any project. As a result our project approach is as follows:
Initial Request from Client - This is either by phone, email, web chat or setting up a meeting via our contact form. Bloomsford Associates will respond and fix a meeting time.
Discuss Client’s Situation – During our initial meeting/phone call/web chat with our client; we ensure we capture the background situation to the client’s request/problem.
Identify Problem – Bloomsford Associates will ensure that the client’s problem is identified and analysed.
We then ask more questions about the problem.
Find out Impact on business – We also endeavor to find out what impact the client’s problem has on the business/ organisation/company, this usually ‘paints’ a full picture of the enormity of the clients problem.
Agree Client’s Needs – After our analysis, we then agree the client’s needs, and recommend the most appropriate solution e.g candidate or recruitment strategy or sourcing strategy e.t.c
Deliver Results – Bloomsford Associates is proud to say that because we always deliver, we always end up becoming an extension of the client’s HR/Recruitment department.
Our practice is supported by a cloud-based applicant tracking system (ATS) enabling our consultants, wherever they are in the world, to access the same information. This way, our efficiency as a business is unparalleled. Also our approach of developing strong relationships with top professionals, each practice area is able to specialise in identifying and supplying high quality, hard-to-find, local and international candidates to our clients.
We have strong presence in various industries from Financial Services, Power, Manufacturing, FMCG, Hospitality and Retail, Professional Services to Real Estate and Construction.