Executive Search and Selection
This allows us to recruit any level of staff; from shop floor staff to Top Executives.
Graduate Recruitment
This offering allows us to attract and recruit graduate trainees and entry level staff based on client criteria.
Global Talent Hunt
Our global talent hunt is the platform from which we recruit on a global stage. We can recruit any qualification/specification of foreign expatriates for clients.
Computer based testing
Our computer based testing infrastructure is comparable to the best in the country. We presently run local and international computer based tests on this platform.
Psychometric assessment solutions
We have partnered with the global leaders in computer testing SHL, to develop the ICS-SHL-CPA psychometric testing platform. This is a first in Africa and it allows clients to assess the personalities of the candidates they seek to employ. We also have ICS authored tests that allow us meet varied needs of our clients.
Career counseling and Coaching
We have a veritable counseling and coaching desk that allows prospecting candidates receive guidance on their career decisions. ...back to home page