BloomsFord Entrepreneurship Academy is a vocational skills acquisition institution setup with capacity to transform youths into highly skilled and competent citizen and to re-orients people as to become innovative and successful entrepreneurs. Unique citadel of learning with a vision to train skillful, knowledgeable, industrious and technological manpower needed for sustainable national development.
In Bloomsford Entrepreneurship Academy, We give innovative and vocational skills, we do not dwell only on theories our courses are practical intensive.
Below are details of the Entrepreneurship Courses we offer:
Event planning and management: Decoration,colour blending and combination, cooperate and wedding event planning and management
Fashion Design: Clothmaking, Bead making and costume.
Cosmetology; Soap production, bleach production, Izal Production, paint Manufacturing and Air fragrance production.
Pastry and mixology: Cakes and baking, mixing.
Art and Design: Craft making, Art painting and Designs.
Horticulture: Flower planting /beautifications and Decoration.
Beauty Decoration: ;Hairdressing and makeover.
Hardware and software repairs: Computerrepairs, Phonerepairs, laptop repairs and devices, software developer.
Agroprenuership : Fisheries, poultry, crop production, mushroom and organic farming.
Photography; Photo-editing, photoshot, Photo and video production
Cobblery: Footwear production, Bags and leather making.
Interior Decoration: Blinds making and house Decoration.
Waste management: Waste recycling and reproduction

We assured excellent practical Entrepreneurship training.

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